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Getting Out of that Gloomy Mood

Do you ever get in one of those moods, where you feel completely unmotivated, like you don't even feel like getting out of your bed all day ? Let me be the one to tell you, it's okay to feel like this. Even if you feel like it's not okay to take time out of your day to just be a couch potato. In today's generation there's a lot of young adults that feel like if they're not active all the time, their somehow failing in life. Here's a reminder that if you don't take at least one day out of your week to have a relaxing day, you'll eventually burn out. Causing you to feel unmotivated, here are some things you can do on your gloomy day to make you feel better and motivated again.

Go outside on a Nice Day & Try Yoga

-Yoga is amazing for both your body and your mind. Take some time out of your day to get a mat out, if you don't have one, a thick blanket should work. Start out with closing your eyes and just opening up your mind. Make sure you're in a quiet place so you're more focused and relaxed, once your head feels cleared out from what's clouding it, start rolling your neck. This will help with any tension you have on your shoulders. This is a great strategy to do for clearing any stressful thoughts or tension you've been having/feeling for the past couple of days.

Outdoor Activities with some Friends or Yourself

-Getting inspired again isn't going to work unless you actually go out and see what's out there. Even if it's going bike riding with some friends in the city or going alone. There's many activities to do for free or for just a couple of bucks, like going on a picnic date with your favorite person or your favorite pet! Consider going to art museums, local parks, or explore mysterious areas around your town that you've never been to. These are all great things that you can enjoy doing in your own company or accompanied by some close friends.

Creating and Planning

What's something you're passionate about? What is it that keeps your mind going and creative? Think of things that can turn your passion into a hobby to keep you busy but still do what you love doing. Who knows maybe one day you can turn that hobby into a career. Keep your brain & heart happy with doing things you actually enjoy doing.


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