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Lucia Alvarado is the proud owner of 'Godly Seamoss.' She combines her faith in God, her care for people, and the desire to make people feel their best, through her vegan Seamoss brand.

"Godly Seamoss gives me a way to connect to my people with every package," she shared in an exclusive interview with PULP.

If you could describe 'Godly Seamoss' with a few sentences how would you describe it?

Lucia: The mission for Godly Seamoss is to be the hands and feet of Jesus while also helping my people become a healthier version of themselves with the healing benefits Godly Seamoss provides. Each Jar is made with the intention to spread love to everyone I am connected to. 10% of each order is freely given to Gods people, #21BRIDGES, an organization run by pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts & Pastor Toure Roberts. Godly Seamoss is for the Kingdom.

Lucia Alvarado shares her testimony after using Godly Seamoss

Lucia: In all honesty, My God inspired me.. Because of how I grew up, I was never meant to be the confident woman I am today, through the pain I endured, my God revealed to me the wisdom in those scars. Everyone goes through some sort of pain and if I could just allow that love I was freely given to flow through me , with Godly Seamoss, they would feel this love comes from the most high. I incorporate kind gifts from my heart in every package that express my intention. I want everyone to feel the infinite love I feel everyday and be inspired to be the best you they can be. I want everyone to know how unique, beautiful and capable they are, if they would just see themselves the way God sees them. Godly Seamoss gives me a way to connect to my people with every package.

Why should people consider using vegan products? What are some benefits to your products?

Lucia: Godly Seamoss is healing in a Jar for the entire body, a sea vegetable that contains 92 vitamins and minerals the body consists of. Godly seamoss detoxifies/cleanses the body, boosts the immune system, and metabolism. Godly Seamoss helps rid the skin of acne, tightens, lifts, hydrates, evens out skin tone. Godly Seamoss is considered vegan collagen which also aids in hair growth by strengthening the hair follicle. Godly Seamoss is also perfect for anyone struggling with high blood pressure since Godly Seamoss is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Godly Seamoss also allows for an increase in libido, sexual drive, by increasing blood flow and oxygen to be pumped to your regions. Godly Seamoss is also a natural cough syrup by reducing congestion and ridding the body of phlegm. Godly Seamoss is also perfect for pregnant women because of the high minerals & vitamins contained within. These are only a few benefits to Godly Seamoss and a great reason to switch to natural , more rich vitamin intake with Godly Seamoss.

Do you have a personal testimony with your own products?

Lucia: I tried Seamoss once and never stopped consuming. After years of acne problems, my skin is completely clear. Before Seamoss, my allergies were severe and now my body is resilient to the changing seasons. Seamoss also has helped keep my lady area nice and moist, as well as aided my partner in pumping oxygen to his area. My partner is no longer anemic. Being a gym finnatic, Seamoss replenishes my body divinely after a hard workout. My hair is literally past my booty. Especially during pregnancy, Seamoss kept my mood, iron/zinc levels up, as well as providing me with natural nutrients for my baby as I breastfeed. I will forever consume Seamoss.

What different products do you sell and which one is your personal favorite?


-16 oz and 32oz Fruit Infused Godly Seamoss Gel (mango, pineapple, cranberry, options to mix flavors half n half) *She recommends mango!*

-16oz and 32 oz Pure Godly Seamoss (lemon is the only ingredient added)

-Godly Butterfly hair/face mask ( a topical mask for face and hair, perfect combination for glowing skin and soothing/strengthening hair follicle on the scalp.)

-Dry Seamoss (2 months worth) expands twice its size, for people who rather make their own Seamoss gel.





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