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Goodbye OITNB: Season 7 Review

One of Netflix's most beloved and watched show sadly came to an end this year. Orange Is the New Black is a Netflix original series that has been aired for about 7 years. It is one of Netflix's most popular shows and it got so much attention that it even sparked for social change over the country. This show follows women who are incarcerated in the Litchfield Penitentiary and it shows us how some of the poorly treated inmates got their prison sentence and how they struggle to get back on their feet once they make it out of the prison. Spoiler Warning!

The show’s main character, Piper Chapman was set free at the end of the 6th season. In this last season, we see her struggle to get back on her feet. In the beginning, we see that she has taken up a job as a waitress at a Thai food restaurant. She eventually got fired from the job for taking a day off to go visit her wife Alex Vause who is still serving time in prison. While Piper is having a hard time with money and having to pay for all her probation testing, Alex is being forced to sell phone chargers for CO McCoullough. Whom then develops feelings for Vause which leads them to have some sort of unsettling romance. At the end of the season, we see that Alex gets transferred to another prison, because Alex rejected McCoullough to keep her relationship with piper so McCoullough gets her transferred, and we see Piper on her way to go see her at the


Season 7 also touches on Immigration and Customs holding. We see the return of Maritza, who was taken by ICE, where she found a former inmate she was with at Litchfield, Blanca Flores. They both try to help each other escape the unhuman conditions they are put in and are even reunited with Gloria Mendoza and Marisol Gonzalez who help them reach people on the outside to help them seek legal help.

Even though Taystee and Cindy were really good friends in the previous seasons; in the 6th season we saw Cindy go against Taystee in court giving false testimony. This caused Taystee to receive a sentence of Max for life for a murder she did not commit. They never amended their previous friendship and Cindy is given early release from prison.

This season we also saw the return of many old faces like Larry and Polly, who were Piper's former fiancé and former best friend who now are in a relationship with each other. We also saw Lolly return who was a big fan favorite.

At the end of the season, we saw a fatal ending to Tiffany Doggett also known as Pennsatucky who had quite a big character development throughout the show. She went from being a meth head bully to being caring and even a great outlet for Suzanne who is different from everybody. Doggett was diagnosed with dyslexia while studying for the G.E.D exam she then started receiving tutoring from Taystee. When she took the test, she got so nervous that she had failed the exam and decide to relapse back to drugs and overdosed. Taystee found her dead and later she received news that Doggett had passed the exam.

The last season of this iconic show was full of many more surprises and plots that were not touched on in this article; all 13 episodes are now streaming and available to you on Netflix.


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