Handling the Post-College Transition...What’s Next?

So, you've finished your last exams, completed your final paper(s), and still managed to apply to several jobs amid all the chaos. Now you are making the final preparations — taking graduation photos, sending out invitations, or applying for even MORE jobs. The day you've been waiting for endlessly has finally arrived, and as you turn the tassel, walk across the stage, and go to sleep that night you realize you're finally a college graduate.

However, for many individuals, the reality of the months leading up to graduating is nerve-wracking and pushes the mental health boundaries beyond limits. The endless amount of assignments all seem to have the same due date, the rejection emails from jobs/internships seem to be piling up, you realize you are about to graduate with no job, or you have a job secured, and you are about to relocate. Regardless of what the circumstances are a new norm is unfolding and the transition to full-fledged adulthood is unavoidable.

Considering all of these factors unfolding simultaneously and post-college depression being a reality for many, here are some tips to prep and handle the post-college transition.