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Has J.Cole Changed the Game?

If you have ever listened to the Fayetteville native, then you know that J. Cole presents a cadence of melodies and memorable hooks to his music.

Photo Credit : GQ photographer Awol Erizku

In his early career he has always been a lyricist that refused to have other artists feature on his projects. Last years’ title track KOD pretty much summed up why he prefers it that way: “N***** ain’t worthy to be on my s***”. Although if you look back to the beginning of 2018, Cole has started featuring on other artists tracks starting off with “Zendaya” by Cozz ft. J. Cole then hitting several more artists’ records ever since. Many fans would say that it is almost strange seeing the conscious rapper link up with more “commercial” rappers in the industry such as 21 Savage and MoneyBagg Yo , because it would not be considered normal for him to do so in the past. Other fans feel that no matter what track J. Cole appears on will simply add value to the song and we’re pretty sure he would feel confident in that statement as well.

J. Cole socializing with NBA players at the 2019 All-Star Game in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Aside from all the speculation on how fans and critics perceive Cole, many fail to realize that J. Cole has made a huge impact on countless avenues. He has tackled social issues in the black community along with the rap industry itself. Some would say Cole is a major role model to the youth as well with projects like Kids on Drugs (KOD), creating a story revolving around the influence of drugs and how very much relevant substance abuse is in the music culture that is affecting the youth- this is a truth many artists tend to avoid. Acts like these are just one of many others.

Just last year fans were tweeting the artist asking him to please come and attend a Back to School festival in Oak Cliff, NC. Meanwhile he had a show to perform on in Dallas the same day. J. Cole decided to show up with a van loaded with thousands of dollars’ worth of school supplies. Cole  also signed a couple autographs, gave advice to a couple of the students, and still made it back to Dallas to perform.

Although Cole has become a well known celebrity he has managed to stay humble and put a huge emphasis on being that way. For many young up and coming artists he has become someone to look up to and admire, especially by providing his honest insight to the ugly side of activities rappers have been involved in to gain a following base in the game. All in all, J Cole may have started his career from his mother’s home but with his talent, willingness to speak about social issues, and dope beats he has worked his way to receiving multiple awards including BET, American music, and Grammys.



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