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Healthy Snacks for Busy Bees

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Now that I’m back in school, my schedule has been so hectic and booked. Having a busy schedule gets ya girl hungry for food! However, to stay in shape and feel more energized, I make sure that I pack healthier options, instead of high-calorie snacks that do not satisfy my hunger. Listed below are healthier snacks for the booked and busy:

1. Fruits: This is an obvious healthy snack! When craving sweets, fruits are the better option. Not only are they low in calories, but they are refreshing and taste delicious. You can create your own fruit salad with kiwis, strawberries, grapes, pineapples, blueberries, and any of your favorite fruits. Not only do they look aesthetically pleasing, but they make you feel great. When I don’t have time to prepare a fruit salad, I usually just have a green apple or a banana to-go.

2. String Cheese: For a great source of calcium, protein, and fiber, you can pair string cheese with fruits, or you can even eat it alone. Not only are they fun to eat, but they are easy to pack and also provide vitamin C!

3. Trader Joe’s Dried Fruit: These have so many different choices from Freeze Dried Strawberries to Dried Mango Slices. My favorites are the Dried Baby Bananas and the Soft and Juicy Mandarins. They can easily be carried in your book bag or purse, since they are pre-packed. While these have no added sugars, you still should watch your servings.

4. Smartfood Delight Popcorn: I highly recommend this popcorn because of how low the calories are. One cup is only 35 calories, so you can snack on popcorn guilt-free. They are perfect to pack for the movies! There are a variety of flavors to choose from: White Cheddar, Sea Salt, Sea Salted Caramel, Sweet and Spicy BBQ, and Rosemary and Olive Oil.

5. Halo Top: I will always stand by Halo Top. When I started my health journey, I thought I had to cut off ice cream forever, but Halo Top is literally my hero. Their ice cream is not only low calorie but is also high in protein and low in carbs. Because of so many delicious flavors to choose from (Peanut Butter Cup, Candy Bar, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, to name a few), you wouldn’t believe the nutrition facts. They range from about 280 to 360 calories PER PINT. To compare, Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream is about 1,000 calories per pint.

6. Trader Joe’s Chocolatey Cats Cookies: Not only are these mini cat-shaped cookies cute, but they taste so good! They are low in fat and are affordable for the large container that you get. In addition, they are VEGAN!

7. Trader Joe’s Contemplates Inner Peas: I was recently introduced to these and am obsessed. They are low in calories and provide 5 g of protein for 1 serving of 22 pieces. They’re so satisfying to eat because of how deliciously crunchy they are.

8. Dark Chocolate: Dark chocolate is the healthier option when eating chocolate. It is best to eat the ones with at least 70% cocoa, but for anyone with a sweet tooth like me, treat yourself to a serving of these: Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Covered Blueberries (180 calories for ¼ cup) and Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups (180 calories for 3 pieces).

9. Lenny & Larry’s The Complete Cookie: These are the best choice for cookie-lovers. These cookies are pretty large in size and provide a hefty 16 g of protein and 10 g of fiber. They are also vegan-friendly with no eggs or dairy. However, one full cookie is about 400 calories, so I usually only treat myself to them if I weight lift that day. You can even eat half and save the rest for later. Some flavors they have include: Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Donut, Snickerdoodle, Birthday Cake, White Chocolate Macadamia, and more!

10. Trader Joe’s Spinach & Kale Greek Yogurt Dip and Reduced Guilt Chunky Guacamole with Greek Yogurt: These are my two favorite dips that are guilt-free! They taste delicious and are low in calories. You can pair them with pretzels or multigrain and blue corn tortilla chips!


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