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Homecoming: A show with a higher purpose

If there´s someone who knows how to run a show that is not only entertaining but created to communicate with the audience, that´s Beyonce. We have already seen her in Lemonade: a visual album that´s not only visually attractive, but it holds a deeper meaning behind it. If you look a little bit closer, you`ll tell that in these videos she wants to empower women. She wants to give them room to be stronger and to be brave while growing and becoming a whole new version of themselves. What we see in Homecoming, takes this concept beyond what we have seen in the past.

Last April, Beyonce became the first woman of color to headline Coachella. Homecoming, the Netflix documentary, shows the audience different layers of the artist and how she wanted to make it be more than a performance but an experience with a message that she wanted to be said and heard worldwide. Let’s just say her mission was accomplished.

The singer explains the process of preparing for the show, so that people can see more than the results, but all the hard work that it takes to have a successful performance. At the same time, she wanted to be authentic so, she put an extra effort in all the “little” details to make sure that everything would be perfect on that special day.

Beyonce uses this piece to celebrate black culture and feminism. During the documentary she quotes black intellectuals and she emphasizes the importance of feeling proud of their culture.

You can enjoy Homecoming if you see it as an expression of an artist. Someone who puts her heart and soul on the stage using songs, dancers, choreographers as a way to educate women to make them feel proud to show who they are.

The light side: if you are a huge fan who loves her music and you want to get to know more about Beyonce, her motivations and all the details that were used for Beychella, this is for you.

The dark side: If you want to see all the ups and downs of her career and the story of her life, this is not that kind of documentary.


Homecoming: A film by Beyonce


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