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How Mogul, Dr. Felicia Phillips & MogulCon 2020 Changed The Virtual Event Platform Game.

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. From lockdowns, schools shutting down, events canceling and making them all virtual. However, there’s a unique twist when it comes to transitioning everything virtual, especially events. For example, The #1 worldwide women’s conference, MogulCon had to transition to virtual which must have been tough considering it would be their 5th year anniversary. Despite that, the Founder and Owner, Dr. Felicia Phillips made it all happen! Down below we had the pleasure of interviewing with the Mogul herself giving us a brief recap of MogulCon 2020 and what’s next after the conference.

Dr. Felicia Phillips is a Master Business Strategist, CEO of PPICW, Inc., and founder of both the United States Business Women's Network (USBWN) and MogulCon Annual Business Conference. Daily she inspires more than 20,000+ followers across all of her social media platforms. A successful business owner for more than 30 years, Dr. Phillips is focused on using her expertise to assist entrepreneurs with the tools and resources needed to improve, grow and scale their businesses (Credits:

1. What inspired you to start MogulCon?

After being an entrepreneur for more than 30 years now and being a part of various organizations, one of the things I realized was that oftentimes black women were being left behind, particularly WOC. & I wanted to provide a platform giving them all the things that I knew they were missing in their business and those things were relationships. Having the right relationships can mean all the difference. I attribute my 30 years in business to having the right relationships. There’s also knowing what resources are available to you. And then having the framework and the tools to really position yourself with the marketplace. I created MogulCon so that I can bring all those things together and what we have is an ecosystem where these business owners can come and get everything they need in one place.

MogulCon provides opportunities for minority women. At MogulCon you’re getting real-life examples of women being right in front of you. And that is women that can relate to you and your challenges and want to learn more about what it means to be a true business leader.

Minority women are getting Less than 1% of venture capital but we're still making it happen, we’re still creating millionaires, we’re still creating opportunities.

2. Did you feel that your MogulCon attendees these past 5 years learn that they can be true business leaders regardless of any challenges they face?

I do! And how do I know that? From the testimonials. I had one lady that said, “This was my first MogulCon & I'm AMAZED! I got everything I needed and I can guarantee you I will never miss another one again!” - We weren’t even live, we were virtual... Based on these testimonials of how not only did they get the information but they were truly empowered, They felt exactly what it was we needed it to feel and that's hard. You know people are suffering from virtual fatigue every day and so to be able to create that experience for the user where they are in aw, they’re saying, "Wow, I didn’t even feel like this was virtual. I felt like I was there." That’s what we set out to do and that's what we accomplished. And so yes, I believe our attendees got that because that's what they’re saying.

3. Was making MogulCon Virtual this year different for you? How did you feel that had to make your 5th-year anniversary conference go virtual?

I had mixed emotions. I tried to hold out until the last minute because there’s sort of a homecoming that is associated with MogulCon especially with people who have been with us all 5 years, they look forward to seeing each other, walking the pink carpet, and just learning from one another. So I held out because I wanted it to be live and in person. But of course, covid didn’t allow that to happen. And so it was a huge learning curve because what I believe in is that MogulCon is a 5-star experience for women of color in business I did not want that to be missed because we were virtual. We had tons of people behind the scenes making that happen but I had to cast the vision first for people to understand what it was that we needed to accomplish and I would say that we had the right team because the energy was still there, people felt our passion, they connected with the content and people are saying “hey I'm ready! What are we doing next?? This was the most AMAZING virtual conference that I’ve been a part of this year!” That moved me, that really moved because there’s a lot of competition out there, and we're all looking to position ourselves. And for people to come back and tell us that and really mean it, is overwhelming. I’m full of gratitude.

4. I feel this conference definitely stands out from the virtual events that has happened this year! Do you feel like MogulCon stood out compared to other virtual conferences?

I do, absolutely I do. The quality, the time, and even down to the commercials, we had a great mix of global companies and small businesses. We highlighted them, we showed every aspect of entrepreneurship that you could see in one platform. I feel great about what we did. Do I feel that we set ourselves apart? Absolutely!

5. This was a really tough year, especially for small business and God really does things for a reason I feel that MogulCon was a blessing, would you agree that this year’s MogulCon was a blessing?

I do, this is a spiritual movement because the work we do can change the trajectory of a family for generations to come. We are teaching people how to build wealth through entrepreneurship. And when you do that you can help but to feel blessed. I’m proud of it!

6. We never know what will happen in the next couple of months or years when it comes to events… Would you do MogulCon virtual again?

I definitely would. If we were in a position where we can’t be live, I’ll definitely do it virtual again, and hey! We’re pros at this now! Here’s the thing… We are here to serve! And that's what I'm clear about. And how will we need to do that? Whether that is in person or virtual we’re going to continue our work.

I made the one announcement about The One Million Dreams Foundation For Black Women and Girls and I'm saying that because it doesn’t stop at MogulCon, the work continues.

7. I think that’s truly amazing. So, what’s next after MogulCon will be The One Million Dreams Foundation For Black Women and Girls, tell us more about that:

Basically what I wanted to do is provide a platform where they can come and get everything they need for their business. Whether it’s through educational purposes like webinars, master classes or it’s 1:1 coaching if it’s helping to put together their business plan or if they need help with their financial projections we are here to help them with that. And so every month we’ll have the opportunities or them to come and strengthen their business and be held accountable. A lot of times entrepreneurship feels like a lonely journey and so we’re not just an Atlanta-based foundation, we’re a national foundation and hopefully one day we’ll be a global foundation. And what we want to be able to do is touch these women right where they are, we want it to be convenient so we'll be using a digital platform, enhance the experience and we’re going to get these women what they need so they can be successful!

8. This year’s MogulCon was a huge success this year despite it being virtual. Tell us where we can watch the replay for those who missed it?

Absolutely! The replay will go on sale Wednesday, 11/18 only at

9. Also, where can we find you on social media?

You can find me on all social media platforms!

Dr. Felicia Phillips & MogulCon is definitely ending 2020 on the right foot and changing the virtual platform game!

Down below are some highlights of how MogulCon 2020 went!

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