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How to Achieve a Natural Glowy Makeup Look

Lately I've been wearing less makeup and have been trying to let my skin breathe for a moment. I have those days that I don't even have time to apply anything on at all! It's frustrating being a female sometimes. But here are some tips and tricks that are going to make your life easier. The picture below is my natural glowy look, I will be listing all the products I used to achieve this look with links attached to the products.

This concealer is my go to; it's full coverage and is amazing with covering acne scars or any blemishes you have. After prepping my face and applying my moisturizer I apply some light concealer on any spots I want covered. The reason you don't want to go in with full foundation is because we are trying to achieve a "natural" look, leaving some imperfections is 100% okay and part the point. I always apply some concealer under my eyes just so I look more awake and not like I just woke up from the dead.

Adding light blush is just adding some color to your skin. This will allow you to not look dull and for something extra, I usually like to apply blush on the bridge of my nose. This way you achieve that sun kissed look.

LIPGLOSS.. I don't know about you guys but I can not go anywhere without my lipgloss, especially during the summer time. One trick I do to create that glowy look, I apply some gloss to the apple of my cheek and tip of my nose.

One product that is a MUST when achieving some shine and extra glow to your look is a highlighter. I usually add this on my brow bone, tip of my nose on top of the gloss. Some on the tip of my lips.

Now we're all set once we apply our setting spray! I always use a dewy finished setting spray. This brand is amazing to use and super affordable.

This is optional, but I sometimes like to add lashes to my look, The lashes I am wearing in my photo are from my cosmetic brand Suga Cosmetics. These lashes are in the style "Suga Mama" their 100% reusable, comfortable and super easy to apply. Not to mention their so voluminous yet natural looking.


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