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Hurricane Laura Destroys Parts of Louisiana With a Death Toll of 24

15 years after Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Laura destroys Louisiana in the last week of August and leaves a death toll of at least 24 people.

Hurricane Laura was a category 4 hurricane that hit the state of Louisiana at the end of August and was the strongest hurricane to hit the state since 1856. The storm had 150 mph winds and destroyed parts of Louisiana’s power grid.

The city of Lake Charles is to be one of the most affected areas in the state. According to The New York Times, the hurricane ripped apart apartment buildings and even caused a fire at a chemical plant.

The damages in Louisiana are so intense, it is estimated to take months to rebuild. According to Entergy, a power company in Louisiana, residents could possibly not have power for weeks.

"We expect the recovery to be as difficult and challenging as we have ever faced in the past," said Phillip May, president and CEO of Entergy Louisiana. "Customers should expect extended power outages lasting weeks."

Residents of Louisiana are expected to not have power for weeks in the hot and humid weather. The temperatures in September can reach over 90 degrees.

Hurricane Laura also destroyed most of the water service in Lake Charles. John Cardone, the City Administrator, said the water problem is not just due to a loss of power, but also the possibility of broken pipes all over the city.

Most of the deaths related to the hurricane are actually due to the misuse of power generators. Since there is no power in Lake Charles, some residents are relying on power generators. However, the majority of the deaths are due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Since carbon monoxide is odorless, it is hard to detect. The Louisiana Department of Health warned residents to make sure that generators are outside and away from any windows, doors, and vents. Any openings to the house near the generator could allow carbon monoxide to enter.

It is going to take a while to rebuild Lake Charles, but nearby cities are putting their efforts to help the people of the city.

Source: CNN

Source: LA Times


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