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Impeachment Results in Loss of Support for Democrats

Amidst the impeachment of President Donald Trump, many Democrats are leaving their party for the Republican Party.

Many Americans are against how the Democratic party has conducted itself in recent years. More specifically, the impeachment inquiry has led Democrats to turn their backs on their own party.

New Jersey Rep. Jeff Van Drew decided to switch parties, from Democrat to Republican. He noted that the impeachment was the last straw that led him to change his affiliation. While he was the only representative to officially switch parties, many are disgusted with the Democratic Party including presidential hopeful and current Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard.

More than just politicians are voicing their concern regarding the Democratic Party as many have taken to Twitter to let their displeasure be known. These voters have expressed how they will now be voting for the current president come the 2020 election despite being a lifelong Democrat.

The handling of the president’s impeachment has led to a likely reelection for Donald Trump. It has become apparent that Democrats seek power and will stop at nothing to get it, whether its fabricating a story that a judge “gang raped” someone back in high school or that a president was concerned about a national security threat that happened to be another candidate’s son. The Democrat’s thirst for power has been shown to the public and will likely affect the election results come November 2020.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has further shown the Democrat’s demand for power as she refuses to send over the articles for impeachment to the Senate, delaying the impeachment of President Trump. She demands the Senate run the hearing by her standards or she will retain the paperwork.

It has been shown time and time again that the Democrats do not want to prioritize country over party, with the exception of very few. They are much more interested in gaining power so they can dictate how poorly the country will be run.


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