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Interview with C.E.O of Lajebanna

Naja: How was the name of your brand created?

La'Andrew Banyon : The name of my brand was created from my family’s last name Banyon. The last name comes from a tree and it means a fig that begins it's life as an epiphyte; a plant that grows on another plant when it's seed evolves in a crack or crevice of a host tree or structure. My family has a bond that may crack but it will never break. My brand will do the exact same. 

Naja: What designer inspired you to start your own brand? La'Andrew Banyon : Yves Saint Laurent 

Naja: How old were you when you decided to launch your brand? La'Andrew Banyon : I decided to launch my brand at 21. It has been on my mind since I was 15 to have my own clothing brand. I finally built the courage up to pursuit something I have always dreamed about.

Naja : Tell me 3 ways to stay consistent and motivated while working on making your brand worldwide.

La'Andrew Banyon :

1. Mind the business that pays you.

2. Be able to take direct criticism because you're doing it cause you love it and cause customers love the content you create.

3. Be very open minded and consistent. Because of different audience and different personalities because you want to keep their attention and on their toes, which is being ready for the new exclusive content.

Naja: Are there any tips or any advice you would give to anybody that would like to do what you do? What would you tell them?

La'Andrew Banyon : Never listen to the backlash or the discourage you get from others. You will always have negativity in your corner but do not let that dictate what God has for you. Always believe in yourself and your goals will conquer.

Naja: What does your brand mean to you.

La'Andrew Banyon : My brand means so much to me due to it showing all sides of my life and expressing in ways I cannot speak of. 


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