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Jonas Brothers Chasing Happiness: Review

The Jonas Brothers are back! And they come back with a new album and their documentary titled Chasing Happiness.

I loved this film! Not only as a fan but as a human. The documentary was created to make you feel that they are taking your hand while showing you their lives and they do it in a brilliant way. They do this by not showing off their great cars or wives but by looking at their problems, looking at their lives as grown-ups and being able to look back and say “that was wrong, I could have done it better”.

It might be easy to judge people, especially when they have fame and fortune; it looks like their lives have always been perfect and we forget that social media and TV interviews are just a small piece of the puzzle. The Jonas’s lived their dream since they were kids, but it wasn’t always easy. At some point of their career, succeeding was the only option since their dad lost his job and they were struggling to make money to survive. They needed the money and they were working hard to get it.

In addition to that, the director uses a cinematic script to make it more interesting. The documentary has different characteristics of a drama film, which makes it easier to connect with people. For example, in drama sometimes a dialog is action itself, and Chasing Happiness has tons of emotional words to be shared.

The Amazon Prime film shows the highs and lows of their career and it reveals what the true essence of the band is: being together as brothers and have as much fun as possible, because in the end, no matter how many goals you reach, having people to share it with is what makes life colorful.


Jonas Brothers Chasing Happiness: Amazon Prime documentary


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