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Leslie Gomez Opens her First Studio

On Saturday, October 23, Trynab Studios had its grand opening in Birmingham, Alabama. The event started at 12 PM CST with music, thrifted/reworked items on hanging racks, and the smell of Mexican street corn filling the room.

Special appearances were made by Symphony Clarke a.k.a the Thrift Guru (right) and Spiff Ellis (left). Spiff Ellis even promoted his own creative work called "Feel in the Lines", a coloring book for kids that need to relieve stress and anxiety.

Interview with Leslie Gomez

What was the hardest obstacle you had to face, besides COVID, opening your first creative studio?

The first obstacle for me was getting a space that hasn’t been renovated in over 20 years! I didn’t expect it to need this much work, so I really thought we would have had it done within two months but so far it’s taken us five months to renovate. But it was worth it because I wanted to bring life to something old and make it new, just like the brand itself.

Most of the work was done by my dad, I helped, but most of it was my dad who has been here all night.

What’s your favorite thing in the studio right now?

My favorite thing in the studio right now would have to be my corn stool. I love my corn stool! I specifically bought it because I figured when people book this studio there has to be something that would make them want to book, and I feel like that it’s so unique that someone would want to take a picture on that stool.

Has COVID made anything difficult for you and this studio? How have you overcome this obstacle?

I honestly think COVID didn’t make anything difficult. I feel like because of COVID I was able to get this building.


As mentioned before, many people have shown up to support the talented entrepreneur. Here are a few testimonials:

"I really love the versatility and how many different types of clothing... there's literally something for everybody" - the Thrift Guru

"I love that [Leslie Gomez] is bringing [the studio] to this area and that there is something for younger people to come in and shop..." - Alexis Young, Artist

Trynab Studios is now open for bookings! Book now!


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