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Do you ever forget to attend a special event or forget to turn in important school work? How about forgetting something that is work related? If you have or still are; you might be encountering some issues with how you manage your time. Well I'm here to tell you that I have been there; I have missed events, forgot to turn in seriously important school work and even forgotten to do a very important task at work once. I'm going to give you my advice on how I have been able to start managing my time more effectively so you don't have to worry about missing anymore important dates or tasks.


We seem to always face a consequence when we forget to do these things that I mentioned earlier, and the reason for us forgetting is because most of the time some of us pretend that we can keep a mental note of everything. Our poor little brains can only store so many dates and reminders of pending projects that we must complete.

My number one advice on managing your time is to always take a physical note of an important date. Buy a planner or put it on your phone's calendar and this will be a constant reminder that you have something important pending and approaching soon. Organization is key to success ; if you are organized on dates then you will be able to manage your time better and not miss anything important by having it creep up on you.

My second advice is a very important one; which is to STOP PROCRASTINATING. Procrastination seems to be the biggest time waster ever. If you have something to do, do it right away. If you have the time, do not wait last minute and rush to so something causing yourself to go through unnecessary stress that could have been avoided in the first place. Finishing a task early or way ahead of time gives you less stress in trying to finish it later and that gives you more free time to enjoy yourself or have the time to do other things that you have to get done. Get off of social media for a bit you can return back to it later.

My third and final advice is to prioritize what's important. If you have something important like an essay to write or work-related projects that has to be turned in or done soon, but your friends invite you out, try reminding yourself on what is more crucial, or try to do your work before you head out, or even plan around it that way you can accomplish both your work and got out on a Friday night and have fun.


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