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Liberals and Conservatives Criticized for Use of Children for Political Gain

After Liberals were criticized for using a child to promote climate change, conservatives were seen as hypocrites for using children for their own political gain in the past.

Once again, Liberals have resorted to using children as props to promote their political agenda. This time, they have resorted to using 16-year-old climate change activist Greta Thunberg. In doing so, they received much criticism for the insertion of children into their politics. This is not their first rodeo as they used several Liberal school shooting survivors as gun control activists on major networks like CNN.

Conservatives are not shying away from this tactic either as they have had minority teenager CJ Pearson on Fox News, the news station known for being in favor of Conservatism. In addition to Pearson, Fox News and other small Conservative shows like The Steven Crowder Show have used Kyle Kashuv, a school shooting survivor, to combat CNN using his classmate David Hogg.

With both Liberals and Conservatives fighting over who is politicizing children more and which children are actually standing up for a good cause, those who do not align with either party have a one-track mind. They have one simple statement that everyone should be able to agree on: stop politicizing children!

Both sides jump at the opportunity to use a child for a political prop as one would not dare attack a child! Minorities have often been used in the past for political gain to appeal to such minority groups. However, that tactic rarely wins many people over as they are still subject to criticism. A child though! A child cannot be subject to criticism without the attacker being seen as an absolute monster! Both parties have stooped to a new low in exploiting children for political points.

Even in the case of Mini AOC, a young girl who dressed up as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because they look alike, children still should not be politicized. Mini AOC merely reenacted pictures that the Congresswoman had posted of herself. She was mocking AOC, likely due to the request of her parents, but that should not have warranted the death threats the young girl received. This proves that jokingly putting a child in the middle of politics can put them in danger.

While it is good for young people to be more engaged in politics and learn what they can on their way to adulthood, news networks and politicians should refrain from using someone for a political edge when they are still required to raise their hand in order to receive permission to use the restroom.


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