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Lizzo X Quay Australia : Voting Matters

Presidential elections are always pivotal moments that define generations, and this upcoming 2020 presidential election has proven to be precisely that.

As a result, the growing popularity surrounding this election has led many influencers and celebrities to advocate for their audiences to cast a vote.

Many have also taken to various platforms to express creative ways to engage audiences in this matter. One of the celebrities using creativity to support this cause is singer Lizzo.

The singer has used her second campaign with Quay sunglasses to make a statement in a series of promotional photos.

One of the captivating photos from this campaign features the singer wearing a bold eye look and a mask adorning the word "Vote" in bold letters.

This image in itself is attention-grabbing and pulls the viewer in, which is a vision that the creative director Quinn Wilson intended and articulated perfectly.

The message also extends far beyond just images as the singer expressed her view and support on casting your ballot in a statement about the campaign that was highlighted by Teen Vogue.

"Voting is a big way to contribute and to feel like we're making a change," Lizzo said. "But the power of voting in midterm and local elections wasn't something I was taught in school. I want to be part of informing future generations of our power. Representation is important to me. It helps people feel seen. It celebrates diversity. The American people deserve to feel seen, and we deserve a government that reflects our beautiful, diverse country and ideals."

Lizzo's support and other artist support will hopefully fuel a surge in votes from younger audiences this election term.

photo courtesy of Quay Australia


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