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At last, Georgia welcomes a fast casual healthy restaurant.

In recent years Georgia’s obesity rates have broke the scale. In 2015 Georgia was ranked the 20th state in obesity prevalence across the united states, with nearly 30% of the population being over weight. In 2019, not much has changed with percentages, but there has been a change in mindset…

Recent studies have shown that our population is becoming more health conscious, and aware of what we are putting into our bodies. Mainly, millennial's.

So, Troy Mathews, a well known and admired Alpharetta resident decided to take a chance. He opened up a fast casual healthy restaurant called Freshii.

Freshii is a company based out of Toronto, Canada. It is fairly new to the United States, and it is the FIRST one in Georiga! Freshii is a dining experience like no other. Targeted at mellennial’s, It is simplistic and modern, fast paced, and prefect for being “on the go”! They offer breakfast and lunch options, and the entire menu is plant based and vegetarian. This makes quick dining easy for vegans, dieting, or just anyone trying to watch what they eat! Freshii has a wide variety of freshly prepared bowls, soups, salads, burritos, and wraps. They also offer free wifi and a welcoming environment. It's a great place to bring friends, dine alone, study, or grab a smoothie on the go!

Watch out Chiptole, there’s a new bowl place in the city!


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