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Mainstream Media, Political Elites Bite Tongue About Biden’s Sexual Allegation

The mainstream media often puts sexual allegations on center stage when it comes to prominent political figures, but that was not the case when their beloved presidential candidate was the accused.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has been accused of sexually assaulting Tara Reade back in 1993 when she worked in his senate office as a junior staffer. Biden denies the allegations despite collaborative evidence against him, as well as the fact that this was not brought up as a result of Biden’s presidential hopes as Reade filed a police report in 1993 and told several people of the incident after it happened.

Reade said Biden "had me up against the wall; he used his knee to spread open my legs," and "put his fingers inside me." Reade went on to say that Biden said she was nothing to him after she pushed him away.

Reade’s mother appeared on ‘Larry King Live” back in 1993 and asked how to get to speak to someone to resolve her daughter’s problem as a worker at the capitol, likely referring to Tara’s assault.

For quite some time, the media was not reporting on this allegation regarding the former vice president, likely a result of their clear bias in favoring Biden as the next president. It further shows they have political reasons to not report on it as much as they should when politicians they disagree with, such as Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, are being talked about nonstop during their allegations.

Many democrats who believed Kavanaugh was guilty just two years ago and that all women should be believed are not being consistent when it comes to Biden. Stacey Abrams, who ran for Georgia governor in 2018, believed Kavanaugh was guilty in 2018 despite no evidence. This time around, she does not believe all women and says she believed Joe Biden, even before he made any statement regarding the allegations.

When Judge Kavanaugh was confirmed two years ago, Pelosi said, “Senate Republicans chose to send a clear message to all women: Do not speak out, and if you do — do not expect to be heard, believed or respected.” Now she states that Reade should not be believed because Biden is a man of “great integrity”.

Founder of the #MeToo movement said that Reade should have her allegations heard but that Biden should be let off the hook as she feels it is more important that he win the election against President Donald Trump in the upcoming election.

The inconsistency of the media, politicians, and the #MeToo movement does not mean Joe Biden is guilty. However, that, coupled with the evidence against him, make many feel that the assault is possible. People all over the country feel consistency is key and due process should be had but that Reade’s allegations should also be taken very seriously.


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