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Malcolm & Marie: What You Need To Know About The Secret Movie Filmed in the Middle of a Pandemic

Euphoria’s Zendaya Coleman is changing her name to Marie in a new secret film. Shot from June 17- July 2, the entire script for Malcom & Marie was written in six days by Euphoria’s Writer, Sam Levinson. If that wasn’t enough to get you excited, Levinson has chosen BlacKkKlansman Golden Globe nominee and Tenet star John David Washington to spar with Zendaya as Malcolm.

Malcolm and Marie are casted as Zendaya Coleman and John David Washington.

According to Deadline’s ‘Reopening Hollywood’, it has been rumored to be similar to Netflix’s Marriage Story, while simultaneously touching on a number of social themes that the world is currently experiencing. The Film made sure to stay compliant with all UGA, DGA, AND SAG-AFTRA approvals.

Here’s what we know about how Malcolm & Marie was able to begin and finish production all while abiding by local COVID-19 safety protocols, plus a timeline of how the film came to be:

  • The entire cast and crew took several COVID-19 tests and had a 2 week quarantine before filming.

  • It is legal to shoot on private property in Monterey County, so they filmed at the Caterpillar House. The property's 33 acres of land provided privacy for the production and distance from people outside of the quarantine group.

  • During this two weeks, they wore masks, social distanced, had their own separate dwellings with individual HVAC units, took hikes, and rehearsed in the parking lot.

  • Production meetings held by Zoom or other video/telephone conference.

  • food prepared by a safety-trained chef who had been quarantined with the group.

  • temperature checks at the beginning and end of every day.

  • Extra time dedicated to the crew to sanitize the set and gear.

  • filming began with only 12 people were allowed on set at a time.

  • crew members must have personal protective equipment on when in close contact with actors.

  • cast/crew asked not to report to set if they feel sick.

  • nails kept short, if at all possible.

  • No one was allowed to leave the property.

Zendaya shared this image to her twitter in early July. source: @zendaya twitter
Zendaya shared this image to her twitter in early July.

Coleman will also star in Dune 2020, as Chani; The movie’s current release date is set for December 18, 2020.


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