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Many NBA Players Test Positive for Coronavirus

A handful of players were tested positive for the Coronavirus ever since the stoppage of NBA games.

Utah Jazz center Rudy Gobert was the first player tested positive for the virus. He reportedly made jokes about the virus before testing positive for it and took the situation very lightly, touching teammates, their belongings, and every microphone at a press conference. He has since apologized for his actions and is taking COVID-19 much more seriously now.

The rest of his Jazz teammates were tested, and guard Donovan Mitchell tested positive as well.

Others tested positive for Coronavirus include Celtics guard Marcus Smart, Nets forward Kevin Durant, Pistons forward Christian Wood, and other players and staff around the league that have not yet been named.

A young fan in Boston that got an autograph from Gobert also tested positive for the virus.

All teams who played the Utah Jazz in the previous weeks before Gobert was tested positive were tested for COVID-19. Each player who tested positive was ordered to self-quarantine for two weeks.

Outside of Gobert tweeting his symptoms of the virus, which included not being able to smell anything for days, the other players who tested positive all reported to have no symptoms and are expected to make full recoveries. They also are working with the medical personnel of their respective teams to ensure optimal care.

The NBA will not be in action for at least 30 days since they decided to stop NBA action, with a more likely start back period being in the middle of June. However, the NBA is currently weighing all of their options. Resuming play from the stopping point or starting the season back by immediately jumping into the playoffs are both possibilities. The NBA is also flirting with the idea of permanently moving season start dates to Christmas Day.


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