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Meet Meghan Trainor in "Nice to Meet Ya" BTS

Earlier this week, Meghan Trainor released a behind-the-scenes video of her new music visual for the single, ‘Nice To Meet Ya’ featuring rapper, Nicki Minaj. The bts showcases dance scenes, practicing of dramatic turns, and an inside look at Trainor acting on camera.The dialogue of the video opens with the singer introducing herself and stating that the scene will be the “first shot ever”. She says “I’m gonna throw up” in a sing-song voice, before continuing on to talk about how nervous and excited she is.The video also let’s viewers see Trainor interact with her choreographer, dancers and extras as she is practicing her twerking scene; The printer on set slides apart into two pieces mid-dance.

Daryl Sabara, the singer’s husband, and her dog make an appearance behind the scenes as well. Sabara jokes about hearing the dog talk to him: “What’s that? [Meghan Trainor]’s a boss. What, what’s that?.. And she looks really hot. I agree, I agree,” said Sabara.

The video also gives a good look at the work ethic of Trainor as she talks about her 6 a.m. to midnight-length day. The four minute video ends with an exhausted and emotional Trainor crying while hugging crew members. “Nicki Minaj is. on my song,” she yells through tears of joy. “And we dressed like twinsies because we look the same.”

Watch the BTS clip for Trainor’s “Nice to meet Ya” music video below:

The song’s visuals and lyrics allude to a reintroduction of a self that accepts every part of who they are and doesn’t try to hide parts of their self anymore. The music video was released a week ago and has acquired over 11 million views.

How would you react to getting a chance to work with Nicki Minaj? Let us know down below.


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