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Melania Trump reveals the new White House Rose Garden

First Lady Melania Trump unveiled the newly renovated Rose Garden at the White House on Saturday, Aug. 22.

The White House Rose Garden had been under construction since the first lady announced the plan to “enhance and restore” the garden late July via Twitter. The announcement led citizens to question if their taxpayer dollars were being used to pay for the expenses. The White House confirmed the renovations were funded by private donations.

The newly renovated Rose Garden is said to be the backdrop for the first lady’s speech that is set to take place Tuesday night during the Republican National Convention. President Donald Trump will make his speech at the White House South Garden. The convention is set to begin on Aug. 24 and end on Aug. 27.

The White House Rose Garden was first established in 1913 by Ellen Wilson, the first wife of Woodrow Wilson, when she planted roses in what had been a colonial garden. However, it was the Kennedys who designed and transformed the Rose Garden into what it is famously known for today.

There have been many remarks made via Twitter regarding the new White House Rose Garden and its appearance after it was unveiled.

Some people appeared upset with the first lady’s new renovations and wished she kept the layout and variety of color found in the Kennedy design. "This was really unnecessary," said Susan Crabtree, RealClearPolitics White House Correspondent. However, there were some who expressed their admiration and likeness towards the new Rose Garden. "I think it looks quite lovely," said Ben Tracy, CBS White House Correspondent.


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