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Mindful Drinking

Liquor sales went up everywhere during the quarantine. What's a better way of dealing with this ongoing pandemic than indulging in your favorite cocktail? Everyone was stocking up on all types of liquor to ensure that they never ran out. Some people even got creative and invented new drinks like the newly famous "Quarantini". This drink consists of either Vodka or Gin, lemon, honey, water, and an optional Vitamin C pack. This drink helps with the killing of germs, and also boosts your immune system. Although drinking seems like a good way to help relieve some stress during these uncertain times you should also be considerate of the negative effects of drinking too much.

Alcohol provides a great time and it can put your stress at ease, but it can also damage your immune system. Drinking too much alcohol can impair your immune cells, this makes it harder for your immune system to defend the body against harmful germs. It is very important to consider your health during this time. Instead of drinking excessively every day, try limiting your drinks to maintain your health. It is recommended that you only drink a couple of times a week and limit yourself to three drinks at a time. Health experts have warned people to avoid drinking too much during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you are going to drink, just take it with ease. We all want to forget about what's going on right now, so it is totally fine for us to enjoy a glass of wine or two, we just have to be mindful. So go ahead and make yourself a "Quarantini" relax, stay safe, and avoid excessive drinking.

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