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Must have summer essentials

Summer has to be my favorite season of the year. How could it not be? Longer days, warmer nights, trips to the beach/lake.  Throughout the years I’ve discovered some products that I use to get myself prepared for the summertime.


If you’re looking to enhance your tan or add a glow, this would be the perfect product to use. Or if you have a self-tanner on, and feel like it needs a bit of a touch up. This gives your tan a fresh and more polished look. Also it leaves no streaks and is easy to apply.


Retails for $9 at Target

Scrunchies always come in handy during this time of the year, since the weather is getting hotter. Also there’s a variety of styles of scrunchies, not to mention they add a a cute detail to your outfit.


This is a no brainer, it’s always best to have sunglasses on you. This is protecting your eyes from the sun rays. 

This is the only self-tanner I use; I’ve tried other self-tanners but they don’t give me the same excellent results like this one does. First off, this doesn’t leave any harsh streaks on my skin or unevenness. Once you rinse off the excess product, your tan looks so even and smooth.


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