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NCAA Allowing Players to Profit Off Their Likeness

The NCAA will now allow collegiate athletes to make money off of their likeness no later than January of 2021.

In the past, companies like popular video game franchise EA Sports have been allowed to use the likeness of college players in their products in order to make money. While EA Sports has stopped making college video games a few years ago to avoid such controversy, others still profit.

College players have not been allowed to make any kind of financial benefit based on who they are as athletic stars. However, a big change is coming that will likely benefit both college athletes, fans, and companies wanting to use the likeness of the college athletes.

The NCAA is making a few changes to the system. Not only will college athletes be allowed to get paid for a company using their likeness, but they will also be allowed to hire an agent. Before, college athletes were not allowed to hire an agent and were prohibited from continuing to play college sports if they hire one.

While college athletes are not going to be paid directly by the NCAA or their schools, they will be able to make money that their likeness has generated for years. The NCAA retains its stance on players not getting paid for playing sports in order for education to be the top priority. These kids are student athletes, not professionals or university employees.

Many political powers such as presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Andrew Yang state that college athletes deserve to get paid and that this is a step in the right direction. While many believe it is a start, they do not think it is the end result in getting college athletes the compensation they deserve.

With such news, EA Sports may bring back their popular video game with NCAA Football ’21, which will excite many. Nonetheless, it is a positive move that benefits everyone involved and could be an indication for better things to come.


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