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Nineteen Summer Walker Shows Cancelled For Her Mental Health

R&B singer Summer Walker’s ‘First and Last Tour’ just got a little more exclusive.

Walker posted to instagram, Tuesday night, stating that she has reduced her remaining 28 performances to nine shows; The reasoning being the toll performing takes on her mental health.

“I truly appreciate all the support and love,” she wrote, “As you know, I have been very open about my struggle with social anxiety. I want to continue to be healthy and to make music for y'all, so I have decided to cut down some of the dates on the tour. I hope you all can understand. I'm grateful for every single one of you, and I hope that you understand that wellness/mental health is important. All cancelled dates will be refunded asap. Thank you. 🙏🏽🖤”

The singer posted the caption above alongside a video. She expresses her gratitude toward fans’ support and states that she’s human like anyone else:

“I really hope that people understand and respect that at the end of the day I’m a person. I have feelings. I get tired. I get sad, and it’s just a lot.”

Despite fans' concern that Walker will leave the music industry, she states in the video that music will continue to be made, but the tour cannot be completed as is.

This post was preceded by several instagram posts by Walker, including her thoughts on why the music industry doesn’t deserve her. In addition, the singer shared an explanation addressing her demeanor at meet & greets, which has been brought to the attention of the public over the past few days; The explanation was supplemented with an infographic stating six traits of an empath.

The dates canceled include Salt Lake City, Utah, and all shows in Florida and Tennessee.

The remaining performances include Chicago, Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia. According to, all remaining dates are sold out except the city of Atlanta.

Summer Walker's updated tour schedule:

Nov. 12 - San Francisco

Nov. 25 - Toronto

Nov. 26 - Chicago

Nov. 27 - Royal Oak

Dec. 2 - Boston

Dec. 5 - Philadelphia

Dec. 7 - NYC

Dec. 8 - NYC

What are your thoughts on Walker’s decision to cancel more than half of her remaining performances for her mental health? Let us know your thoughts below.


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