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Not your average Players Club

Atlanta: Known for its hustle, its’ grit, renown rappers and a couple of Birkin bags. Okay, maybe that is a bit of a stretch, but it is known for its strip clubs. Strip clubs a central location for a fantasy becoming reality. As Much as women are the centerpiece for most club encounters; food has become a staple of what Atlanta strip clubs are known for. Alluvia has raised the bar for many gentlemen clubs in the south when it comes to the food scene.

Created in 2002 by the Cheetah to provide a fine dining experience, Alluvia has exceeded expectations. The menu offers items ranging from lobster tails to lamb chops. If you choose to indulge in crème brule you can do so right by the main stage because Alluvia reserves the best view in the house. On weekends they even offer brunch. Nothing says essential like Atlanta brunch.

Magic city has hit the mark for most mentioned amongst strip clubs. Jeezy even named an entire song after it “Magic City Mondays”. A landmark to the city itself however it is not just the women or celebrity clientele that bring people all over the world. It's their wings! "lemon pepper wet please” is a line you will often hear mentioned. LA Clippers guard Lou Williams said he only came to Magic City for the wings. It cost him 10 days in the bubble a visit well worth it. Magic city now caters to accommodate their clientele.

Another club that may surprise you when it comes to a popular menu is Rumors. Now Rumors may not be as well-known as its counterparts, but it offers a special that customers just can’t deny ; Steak and eggs. Reviews rave about the steak on yelp. Not only do you get the meal but also the club raises the dining experience by offering an option of getting to know the dancers by enjoying a table lit dinner with one. So, the next time you find your way venturing into a strip club consider trying their recent lunch special or even their wings. You may find out that chefs exist in more than just your everyday restaurants.


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