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When it comes to Rap and Hip-Hop ; there are those rappers whose main focus is the fame and money. Omari M'$ is here to make songs from the pure love of music. This same passion inspired his project "Rap4Food". We had the opportunity to interview Omari and discuss his inspirations and plans for the future.

His entire mixtape "Rap4Food" offers an array of songs that explores OmariM$ as a person. During the interview, we asked Omari which songs were his favorite from the mixtape and he responded with "Mafia Regime" and the "Prelude".

If you break down Mafia Regime, he discusses the industry, putting his friends and family on. Here we really see his business side; as he mentioned how a common mistake musicians make is putting out their talents for completely free when in reality there should and can be a profit made.

His music was heavily influenced by who he grew up listening to. He grew up in NewYork and Jersey so was heavily influenced by Jadakiss, Nas and 50cent. He continued discussing by saying " I'm going to rap not what only influences me but where I come from."

He paid respect to all coasts. DownSouth he enjoys T.I and Andre 3000. On the WestCoast, He enjoys TheGame, YG, Nipsey Hussle . He mentions that Snoop Dogg doesn't get enough credit for being in the game as long as he has.

When asked about any future projects , he replied with " I do, I have to keep some of them quiet. Some time in November or October." So be on the lookout around Fall!

Make sure to check out his interview on our video segment "THE CONNECT"

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