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Pop Smoke’s Debut Album to Release in May 2020

source: @realpopsmoke instagram

A little over a month ago, the music industry paid their respects to, rapper, Pop Smoke, after he was killed in an LA home. Also known as Bashar Barakah Jackson, his death came just two weeks after the release of his second mixtape, Meet The Woo Vol. 2. Jackson was 20 years old.

Fans gathered on March 5 in the musician’s hometown of Brooklyn, New York to say their last goodbyes at his service. But the rapper’s passing, doesn’t mean the sharing of his musical gifts have to end as well; rapper 50 cent is making sure of that.

Two weeks after news of the 20 year old’s death broke, Fifty announced that he had the desire to executive produce and complete Pop Smoke’s Debut Album. Steven Victor, Pop Smoke’s manager, confirmed to HipHop-N-More that he was fully onboard to make it happen. Fif hopes to have the body of work finished by May 2020.

A day after Smoke’s funeral, Fifty stated that he remembered [Pop Smoke] telling his mom he wanted to take her to an award show. “R.I.P Pop Smoke. Pop Smoke told his mom he wanted to take her to an award show. So, I’m gonna make sure this album gets her there”, He wrote.

According to and via fans and Smoke’s inner circle, 50 Cent was a huge influence on the young rapper. In addition, 50 Cent took to instagram live this week, as most celebrities have begun doing to connect with fans while social distancing, and elaborated on his love for Pop Smoke.


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