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Pride Weekend in New York

At the end of June there's always the pride parade in NYC; this year there was over about 2 million people that attended this parade. New York City's pride festival is one of the largest ones in the country. I attended last year and it was absolutely crazy (in a good way) everyone was having an amazing time being care-free. This year I decided to do something different and go to Fire Island for Pride Day, I also went to a rooftop lounge the night before that I 100% recommend for anyone that's 21+ to go to if their visiting the big city.

Magic Hour Rooftop Bar & Lounge

Magic Hour has a stunning view of New York City and of the Empire State building. There's three rooms, the main floor which is where everyone is dancing and having drinks; this is the most popping area of the lounge, it's the typical club scenery.

Second Room

The second room is more of a casual "chill" area and this is perfect if you don't like being around a large crowd of people and just like to have some space to yourself. One thing I love about this lounge is the fact that you still have amazing views in each room.

Third Room

The last room is more outdoorsy. There's plenty of space and such a beautiful scene of the city. There's cute little bunny statues for you to take pictures of and to post on the gram.


Fire Island is an Island with villages and clubs, bar and restaurants. It's an Island surrounded by water, no cars, trains or any roads. The only form of transportation back home is by taking the ferry, which is a fun ride in my perspective. Once my friends and I landed on the Island, we were greeted with pride flags and in most of the bars we entered there were drag queen shows. I loved it and the environment felt like you were on a tropical Island (without the palm trees)

Pride Makeup

I decided to get a little creative with my pride makeup and did a pink/rainbow eyeshadow look, I ended up loving it. Down below is an image of my makeup look, I used the BH cosmetics "Take me back to Brazil" to achieve this eyeshadow look.

The lashes I am wearing are from Suga Cosmetics, I currently have a lash brand coming out July 26th, these lashes are called "Candy" find us on Instagram @Sugacosmetics they are suitable for any eye shape, also SUPER comfortable.


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