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Rapper, Logic, Shares He Will Be Giving Free Beats To Up-and-Coming Artists

The rapper signed a seven figure deal with the live streaming service, Twitch. source:

A lot has happened in the world of Bobby Soxers and the RattPack lately; With Rapper Logic simultaneously announcing a new album and his retirement on July 16th, his seven figure deal with Twitch on July 20th, and, now, that he plans to giveaway free beats to aspiring MCs on July 24th.

In an interview with Billboard, Logic, who’s real name is Sir Robert Bryson Hall, also spoke about how his new partnership with Twitch will give him a chance to replace the usual medium of connection: tours and concerts. He plans to live stream and play games with his fans, while also making beats for budding artists, free of charge.

“The cool thing here is, if anything, it’s gonna connect me and my fans now more than ever because I’m not like painstakingly in the studio like every little thing has to be perfect.. or thinking about the people who love it or wont like it,” said Logic. " I wanna make beats for up and coming rappers, on the spot, and give it to them for free; If they take it — dont charge them and don’t even take publishing. [I’ll] be like ‘Here you go’ for free. I wanna connect with my fans in a way that I haven’t been able to in a long time, because social media itself is so toxic.”

Billboard's Carl Lamarre interviews the DMV native.

When Carl Lamarre, Billboard Digital’s Hip Hop Editor, labeled the rapper as “a superhero for a lot of kids”, the DMV native thanked the editor for his kind words. Following this comment, the MC’s shared his goal of being able to create a safe and intentional space for all fans on Twitch.

He says he plans on taking out certain negative key words permitted for comments/interactions. He also connected Twitch’s pay requirement for comments to the history of the music industry before streaming services:

“You have to pay to be able to comment, [but] its not about the money…It’s about like when people used to get on a bus, and you know 2 buses, and ride all the way to the store and wait in line to pick up a CD; Like they actually cared to do that. So, for me, that’s how I feel regarding Twitch, because if you really care you’re not gonna come there just to hate. You’re gonna pay, so that we can talk to each other.”

The rapper's final album, "No Pressure", is now available everywhere. source: @logic instagram

According to The Verge, Hall is Twitch’s first exclusive partnership with a musician. His first live stream was Tuesday, July 21st, where he premiered his album, No Pressure, ahead of its release.


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