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Respect Retail

As we make the transition to the cooler temperatures during these upcoming months, what is coming is what most people look forward to: the holidays. Whether we celebrate anything or not, most people tend to head to the stores in order to begin their holiday shopping. This results in the malls and stores to become extremely busy. It is important to remember that the employees working at these locations will be receiving plenty of STRESS during the upcoming months.

Advice for the consumer:

It is simple. Be kind. It is important that for one second you put yourself in the shoes of the employees. People do this job for their own reasons, for example: bills, children, student loans, the list goes on. You never know what a person is going through. When something is incorrect in the store like a price, do NOT go off on the person working. It accomplishes nothing, but creates a negative vibe that is not necessary. As a retail worker myself, the customer will usually end up receiving what was wanted to begin with. Being kind actually helps. It makes everyone’s life much easier. It saves you and the employee stress.

Another thing, DO NOT THROW ITEMS WHEREVER AROUND THE STORE. It is understandable if you genuinely do not recall where you got the item, but if you simply just toss the item wherever you want, it just adds to the amount of MANY things that is going to be needed to fixed once the doors open.

Consumers usually have the tendency to say “It sucks that you are working today” Well yes, we would much rather be spending time with our family and friends. Saying that actually just reminds us that we could be doing that instead of working for a corporation that underpays their employees. That’s another story for another time.

Advice for the employee:

Here are my words to live by during these upcoming chaotic months: Fake it till you make it. If you walk into your job with a negative attitude and a hate for the world, then you are going to have a shitty shift. Walk in that place with a smile and just see where that takes you. Yes, customers sometimes will treat employees like garbage, but just do not let it phase you. People are just simply so rude. You can’t even do anything about it.

Smiles are contagious. Even if you don’t even want to be smiling, do it. It has actually been proven by several sources that people smile when the see others smile. Just try it.

It is important to think of the outcome. After these holiday hours are up, you are going to have a lot more money that you started with.

During these next few months, employees at most retail jobs will be indulged with chaos. The one idea that needs to be emphasized is to be kind. Being kind just spreads positive vibes which is what the holiday season should be revolved around. Just like Ellen DeGeneres always says “Be kind to one another”


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