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Rest In Peace Cannon Hinnant

Cannon Hinnant, a five year old from Wilson, North Carolina was shot to death on Sunday evening. Cannon was riding his bike in his yard when the suspect walked up to him and shot him in the head. He was only days away from starting kindergarten and had recently learned how to spell his name.

Darrius Sessoms, a 25 year old black male and next door neighbor of the boy’s father has been charged with first-degree murder and is being jailed after being arrested on Monday. The suspect lived with his parents and was a neighbor of the family for eight years. Sessoms has a criminal record and served time in prison in 2017 for felony drug and firearm charges.

Cannon’s father, Austin Hinnant revealed that he shared dinner and a beer with Sessoms the day before the tragedy took place. According to Mr. Hinnant the two never had any confrontations prior to the shooting. He told WRAL, “I have no idea why he would kill my son in front of his two sisters.”

Cannon’s father was inside when he heard the gunshot and knew something was wrong. He rushed outside and saw Cannon lying on the ground. At first he says, he thought Cannon fell off his bike, but as he got closer he knew it was much more than that. As he held his son in his arms he saw the suspect pacing back and forth frantically with the gun in his hand. Although he was filled with rage all he could do in that moment was hold his son close.

Sessoms drove away while Austin was screaming for help. The suspect was arrested the next day 30 minutes away from where the murder occurred. He is facing first-degree murder charges as stated previously.

The family is distraught. Cannon was laid to rest on Thursday and his vigil has been postponed until further notice. A gofundme has been set up to support the family and it now has over $700,000 in donations. If you’re interested in helping the family this is the best way.

The support Cannon and his family have received has been plentiful, but the family has asked to keep race out of it. His mother tweeted and asked for support. She also asked to “NOT COMPARE THIS TO FLOYD”. Floyd who was killed by a police officer that knelt on his neck in late May. Floyd’s murder caused worldwide protests and even riots demanding his murderers be charged.

Conservative media outlets and users on social media platforms have now demanded for the same attention and outrage for Cannon’s murder. Several users online have compared the two tragedies causing racial tensions on social media to rise. In response, other users describe that Cannon’s murderer was arrested and charged in less than a day, while Floyd’s murderers were not reprimanded until the nation demanded justice; this took about 4 days of nationwide unrest.

All Cannon's family wants is for justice to be served and we all hope it will. This was a senseless murder that took an innocent life way too soon. Cannon will forever be loved and missed.

Rest In Peace Cannon.


Image: WRAL via CNN Newsource


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