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RINI Releases Highly Anticapted R&B EP "Ultraviolet"

Warner Records R&B artist RINI has been on a roll all year long. The Australian-raised and LA-based singer is releasing his highly anticipated EP Ultraviolet on Friday, 12/02/2022. His fans are in for a treat because he will also be releasing the music video for 'Pressure!'

PULP Magazine had an exclusive listen to the EP and one thing is for sure; the timing of this Winter release and it's Neo-soul elements make it perfect for cuffing season. "Won't you come closer.. let me take over," he sings on his song "How does it feel." Ultraviolet takes you on a musical and soulful journey.

RINI was recently featured in Billboard’s "R&B/Hip-Hop Fresh Picks of the Week" for his latest track + visual "Haunt Me." The song is the sixth track on Ultraviolet.

PULP's Favorite Tracks:

"Strawberry Blossum"

Our Top Pick

"Sim Simma , who's got the key to my bimmer.." RINI's song "Strawberry Blossum" is our top pick and starts off with a sample based on Beenie Man's "Who Am I? Sim Simma." The three minute and 40 second ballad takes you through the emotions that one feels when wanting to become intimate with their partner. RINI sings about his desire to get closer to his muse's body.

Honorary lyrics:

"Your body is a temple, I want to explore. Can we reach the pinnacle of love?"

"Waterfall between your thighs, I just want to dive in. We in the zone , plus we alone. We can go all the way."

"Strawberry blossum , climb on your mountain.. on top of the world."


Gets ready to dance

Every EP needs a song that gets the body moving and "Pressure" does that as soon as the song begins. Your head will bop and sway as you listen to RINI serenade and tell his muse that they are special.

Honorary lyrics:

"Options.. you've got options. You a problem, you don't need drama."

"You walk in , whole room go silent. They got nothing to say.. You're giving them pressure."

"How Does It Feel"

Sexiest song on the EP

This song is by far the sexiest song on the EP. RINI takes you on the journey of love making through his soulful and descriptive lyrics.

Honorary lyrics:

"Screamin' out, this is how love makin' sounds. Won't you come closer, let me take over."

"When we make love, you wrap your legs around my waist. Girl let me taste. Time is of the essence, we don't need to waste it. Lay you on your back , you know I like to face it."


RINI is currently kicking off his sold-out Winter tour ‘Past The Naked Eye’ , which kickstarted on November 30th at Purgatory at The Masquerade in Atlanta, Georgia. The tour ends on December 16th in Los Angeles, California.

Show Dates:

11.30 - ATL Tour Date Masquerade - Purgatory

12.1 - Washington DC - Union Stage

12.4 - New York, NY - Bowery Ballroom

12.5 - New York, NY -Mercury Lounge

12.14 - Oakland, CA - The New Parish

12.15 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Catalyst

12.16 - Los Angeles, CA - The Echoplex


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