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Signs You Are in a Toxic Relationship

Throughout our lives, many of us find ourselves in and out of relationships. Whether it’s the girl you work with or the guy you are sleeping with, exclusive or not; relationships exist everywhere. Unfortunately, some of these relationships revolve around the toxicity of one person or maybe even both in the relationship. So, what are some signs that you are in a relationship that you probably shouldn’t be so involved in?

  1. Critical criticism is okay, but criticism constantly is an issue.

If someone is constantly telling you that you are doing this or that wrong; it will make you feel as if you can’t do anything right, which leads to a low self esteem.

2. Lying. FOR NO REASON.

A little white lie here and there is normal, but if someone is constantly lying to you over the smallest things, it makes you wonder if you can even trust them. Trust is important in any relationship.

Cheating is a whole other concept that has always been controversial. There is a common ideology that “once a cheater, always a cheater”. It is okay to give someone a second chance. That should be it. A person should not need more than a second chance to know how to make things right to you. A person who truly loves you will not purposely put them in a situation to hurt you.

3. Always trying to one up you.

When you accomplish a goal, you always want to run and tell that one person! But whenever you tell that one person, they try to one up you by saying they had already accomplished the same thing or have done something even better. For example, if you finally bought your first car all on your own and you tell your person, they answer with “oh, I got mine a few years ago and I didn’t even ask my parents for help.” Something like that will make you feel like SHIT because you finally feel like you did something for yourself and BOOM someone comes and ruins it.

  1. They are just MEAN.

It is understandable that people have off days and will take it out on people. Normal. BUT if this is a normal routine to receive verbal abuse or even physical, it is a DEAL BREAKER. Negative energy is no bueno.

  1. Invasion of your privacy.

Your privacy is important. Everyone has a right to it. If your partner has to be going through your messages, social media, receipts, etc, it ties back to trust in a relationship. YOU have a right to have your own bubble.

  1. Too much fighting.

If you are having more bad times than good times, it is concerning. If most of your time spent together is mostly yelling or screaming at each other; there is an issue.

  1. If you’re thinking of a person, maybe it’s time to chat.

For some relationships, you are able to talk to them about these kinds of things and maybe even solve the issues. In others, it may be more difficult to. It is up to you to take action to remove yourself from a situation that is only hurting you. Seek help from other trusted people around you. You are not alone.

An important thing to remember is that toxic relationships do NOT just exist with your significant others. They can exist with your coworkers, colleagues, and even your family. Nobody is perfect, everyone has their own flaws, but when the toxic behavior occurs as if it were a part of a routine, it’s time you did some thinking.


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