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SpoOoky Season To Do's

It finally is spoOOooky season. As October nears a close and Halloween is just around the corner, there’s a few spoOky season activities you can knock out with your friends, family, or your significant other. Make sure to enjoy the sweater weather in Georgia before it gets too cold outside. There are other activities for those months. ;)

Stone Mountain Pumpkin Festival

Until November 3rd, Stone Mountain is offering an awesome fall experience for everyone of all ages! During the day, everyone can enjoy playing games, park attractions, meet and greets with certain characters, live shows and food. Once it starts to darken, the “Glow by Night Experience” will commence. The best part is by just wearing your Halloween costume to the park, you will get a $10 discount on your All Attraction Pass!

A Haunted House

One of the most iconic haunted houses as many know is Netherworld, which actually is by Stone Mountain now as well! While the wait for the house itself is a while, it is a good idea to make sure you go with your funny friends. This makes the wait time not so bad.

I had never been to a haunted house ever in my life. A week ago, it was my first time. I am a scaredy cat. The house was extremely impressive with “creatures” popping out of nowhere. I came very close to knocking one of them out with a punch.

Buford Corn maze

In the city of Buford, a corn maze is a popular attraction during this time of the year. A hay ride, two popcorn jumping pillows, a farmer’s combine slide, animal viewing area, corn box, pumpkin patch, and pony rides are available here! What attracts more people who are a bit of an older age is the Haunted Forest. Once the night sky darkens, the forest allows its “creatures” to come out and scare the ones lost within the twists and turns of the pathway.

Pumpkin Patch

Go to your local pumpkin patch, take some cute pictures, and pick your favorite pumpkin and take it home! The whole experience itself is enjoyable! For the most part, most pumpkin patches have other attractions such as food and games. Once you enjoy all of that at the location, you can go home and carve your pumpkin and light it up and place it wherever you like! It is actually impressive at the the creative things people carve!

Six Flags Fright Fest

If you LOVE roller coasters as much as I do; Six Flags is the place to be! Since it is cooler outside, this makes waiting in line not as excruciating as it was in the summer! Fright Fest allows many of their own creatures out and about to try and make people scream even more than they did on the rides.

My advice for you is to go ahead and purchase a season pass if you plan to go more than once! After Fright Fest, they create a magical experience for the upcoming holidays for people of all ages to enjoy as well!

Starlight Drive In Theatre

Get with your friends or your significant other and get some warm fuzzy blankets and go down to the drive in theatre. Make yourself comfortable and enjoy a movie that’s playing. They do play current movies that are in most theaters. It is a fun experience that we do not all usually go do.

Ponce City Market in Atlanta

This is a perfect place for a date night! You both could dress cute and have a picnic or go to one of the restaurants and go for a walk around the city. Take cute pictures! The fall themed city will create a perfect background and a good way to remember such a beautiful moment.

Watch Spooky Wooky Halloween Movies

Watching scary spooky movies in October is a MUST. Whether it is just a Disney Channel Original Movie or an actual SCARY movie; you have to! Down below will be my top 10

movies during this spoOoKy season.

1. Hocus Pocus

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas

3. Halloween Town

4. Monster House

5. Scream

6. Beetlejuice

7. Halloween

8. Edward Scissorhands

9. The Blair Witch Project

10. The Silence of the Lambs

Dress up for halloween!!

Whether you are 5 years old or fifty years old, dress up! The fun part of Halloween is dressing up! Even if it’s a mask or a full blown out Princess Elsa costume, have fun with it! This is the one time in the year where you can be whatever you want without anyone even thinking twice about it!


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