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Start of school...crash of Zoom?

Could Zoom have crashed on a better day? After 5 long months of quarantine - for many who had no work or school - this was the most important day, Zoom’s platform crashed. This caused many educators, students, and parents to experience an additional amount of stress on top of getting settled to online school.

Starting at about 7:40 am EST, when many started school and work, the first outage was reported according to Downdetector.

According to the figure above, the outages not only occurred in America, but also parts of Europe and the Middle East around 10 am EST reaching a peak of almost 1700 reports of outages all before 11am.

The second and third figures above showcase the most up-to-time data of the outages. As you can see, the outages have drastically increased as of 2:06pm EST.

This could be a major "swooping in" moment for Zoom's competition with companies such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Blackboard Collaborate, and Google Classroom amongst various others.

With about 300 million users, can they all expect to sometimes be faced with yet another

inconvenience amid a pandemic?

Well, the answer's simple - no matter what platform, big or small, it can be the victim of outages. The reason being is because technology is not perfect! Software is especially vulnerable to outages on heavy interface days such as first days of school.

For those wondering, "Can we expect this to happen again?" the answer is, "Yes, absolutely!" because as mentioned before, technology is not perfect.


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