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Staying Sane During Quarantine

Well, we are all in quarantine, or at least we should all be in quarantine. This Self-isolation has come as a blessing to some, but for others, it has or still is quite a nightmare. It has been hard for some people to keep their mental sanity or anxiety under control. It has not been easy for those who relied on social interactions every day, or who live with abusive people who they're now forced to quarantine with. Our mental health should always be a priority for us and with our current situation, some of us are feeling like they are on the brink of a mental breakdown. It's okay to feel this way, many of us do. We are living in very unpredictable times and it's okay for you to feel a little scared or even a little stressed. Things will get better Pulp fam, in the meanwhile lets just think about the good things that might come out of this pandemic and go through mechanisms that will hopefully help you keep sane.

For those who relied on social interactions to get through their days just remember that conversations are not over. Pick up your phone and Facetime your friends, family, and co-workers. Ask them how they're doing. Share recipes with them and talk about the latest shows you've been binge-watching.

Take walks outside, nature is not canceled either. We know that being inside your house isn't super ideal, especially if we are expected to quarantine till mid-May. Go outside, take a walk around your neighborhood. Get some much-needed vitamin D. Exposure to the sun can release hormones in your brain called serotonin. It will uplift your mood and will also help you be calmer and focused.

Try being active as much as you can. Gyms aren't open but you can easily find some space around your house and develop a work-out routine. Try picking back-up old hobbies you didn't have time to do before. Keep yourself busy, this will take your mind off of things that are bringing you down. Limit your exposure to the news coverage, the persistent updates could just be causing you more stress. Stay informed, not overwhelmed.



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