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Suspicious Death of Jeffrey Epstein

Multimillionaire sex offender, Jeffrey Epstein was found dead in his jail cell in what was called a suicide, but many believe there was much more involved in his death.

Epstein was found dead in his cell not even 24 hours after disturbing court documents were made public which included information about his alleged abuse of mainly girls who were still minors. In addition, the documents provided information regarding who assisted or participated in Epstein’s abuse, many of whom are rich and powerful elites.

Epstein reportedly hung himself during the night of his death after being taken off suicide watch and not being monitored as closely as was necessary. Epstein was put on suicide watch after it was thought that he made a suicide attempt. However, he was taken off of suicide watch but housed with a roommate. Later on, the roommate was removed without putting anyone else in the cell with Epstein, leaving him alone in his cell.

The guards responsible for checking on Epstein every 30 minutes reportedly fell asleep, leaving him alone for approximately three hours. The guards altered records in order to hide their mistake in what appears to be a cover-up attempt. The excuses for the guards included one being overworked, and reportedly working overtime for five straight days when this incident occurred. Workers had to work mandatory overtime of 60-70-hour weeks as a result of being understaffed.

The New York Post reported that there was no video footage of Epstein’s cell during his death. There are cameras at the Metropolitan Correctional Center, but none of them show the inside or outside of the jail cells.

“I just can’t believe it,'' said Jena-Lisa Jones, a victim of an Epstein molestation at the age of 14, “we were finally feeling that we might have some justice after all these years.” Many victims and family members of victims were upset with how Epstein’s death was allowed to happen as they feel he should have been constantly monitored. One victim’s mother feels the guards must have been paid to look the other way.

After the announcement of Epstein’s death, many took to Twitter to state who was being saved by the death of the sex offender. #Clintonbodycount was trending on Twitter in the aftermath of Epstein’s death as many have speculated that numerous individuals who have had dirt on the Clintons end up dead. After this, it turned into a fight between political parties as #Trumpbodycount was trending on Twitter.

President Trump was not as involved with Epstein as many want to believe. He had a relationship with Epstein, but President Trump kicked him out of his club due to the inappropriate behavior Epstein had toward younger girls.

While nothing is known for sure about Bill Clinton’s involvement with girls on Epstein’s island, he did lie about how often he had visited. He claimed he visited the island six times, but the actual amount was much higher. In doing so, he made people question his honesty regarding his involvement in sexual crimes on Epstein’s island.

With everything that had to happen in order for Epstein’s possible suicide to occur and the thought that he had information about powerful people, many are skeptical that his death was actually a suicide and not a homicide.


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