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Taal Volcano: Eruption and Effects

Image By: Hannah Saab via Twitter

Chaos and natural disasters have been the focus for the beginning of 2020. Natural disasters are on the rise and so has the notice of the public eye. The Taal Volcano, located in the Luzon island of the Philippines, has erupted 35 times throughout history. Since then the volcano became active during the start of the week. Due to sudden eruption, many citizens were left shock of the occurrences and had to quickly evaluate. Now, many homes and farms are buried under volcanic ash.

The Taal Volcano has not erupted since 1977, causing concern for many and leaves the question of whether there is a connection to climate change. The Philippines warns citizens that Taal can possibly continue to erupt, causing greater destruction. Housing 23 active Volcanoes, the Philippines is vulnerable to disasters.

The activity in Taal Volcano brings much attention to the public and why climate change is real. 2020 opened the year with several natural disasters occurring worldwide. While some countries are burning with lava and fire, others are drowning underwater.

Through all the turmoil that the Philippines is facing, many are in need. They have lost all they had, and aid will be limited between 300,000 individuals. There are several organizations forming to help the people and national agencies such as The Red Cross are giving their helping hand. Through Twitter, many are spreading the word on organizations that are accepting donations and doing what is necessary to help the Philippines.



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