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The Fifth Grammy Museum is Coming to Atlanta

Atlanta is already a prominent location that yields talent for the U.S music industry, so it is no surprise that The Recording Academy has decided to make Atlanta home to their fifth Grammy Museum. On Monday, the Grammy Music Foundation and the Georgia Music Accord came to an agreement to build and operate the exhibit.

The agreement included four pillars, the first is education – leveraging educational programs throughout the state. The second pillar is the economic impact the museum will bring in the tourism and hospitality industries. The third pillar is workforce development - in efforts to retain talent in Atlanta, the museum will help train the next generation of artists, producers, and technicians. The last pillar is celebrating Georgia’s rich musical history and its impact on the global music industry.

Chris “Ludacris" Bridges, co-chair of the Georgia Music Accord and rapper, told the Rotary Club of Atlanta that “he wished upon a star" to see this museum in Atlanta. He also stated, “The future looks very bright...To see it first-hand, how it is going to help [kids] be even more inspired. And we gonna create more jobs. This is long overdue in my opinion. I cannot wait."

There are currently no details on how much the exhibit would cost, who is funding the project, where it will be located, or when construction will begin. However, now that it has been announced, Tammy Hurt, president of Georgia Music Accord, states that there is now a “benchmark to move forward, and we're starting to move now.”

Hurt also stated that “The goal of the museum is to grow the ecosystem in Georgia, retain the talent and celebrate what's here.” Other goals of the museum would include providing post-production facilities for movie, television, and gaming industries. This would include building a scoring stage to score movies produced in Atlanta.

All in all, the museum will bring in new opportunities for Atlanta in the music business as well as providing a digital and interactive experience for the state. It will be “accessible for everyone" and further highlight Georgia’s position in the music industry.


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