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The Possible Future of Concerts

Some nations are starting to lessen their coronavirus guidelines, and the United Kingdom is a great example.

Just this week, singer-songwriter Sam Fender headlined a show at the Virgin Money Unity Arena in Gosforth Park, located in Newcastle upon Tyne in England. Virgin Money Unity Arena is a new, pop-up outdoor venue space that is testing out a socially distant concert experience.

According to CNN, about 2,500 fans gathered at the outdoor venue on Tuesday. They were in groups of at most five sorted into 500 raised metal platforms at the arena in Gosforth Park.

Furthermore, distancing was enforced from the very start of the concert, as the cars were parked two meters apart. Afterwards, the fans were directed to their own metal-platformed, private viewing areas. Also, food and drink can be ordered beforehand or via an app for pick up/delivery.

According to music feeds, the concert goers were asked to obey social distancing regulations such as wearing masks and remaining in their designated areas. These guidelines were largely followed. Photos from the concert show the crowd watching and enjoying from their allotted seating area.

Several musicians and comedians including Van Morrison, Jimmy Carr, and Bill Bailey may follow suit towards the end of the year.

Here are some comments about the new style of concerts:

Comments from Drew Jacob’s Facebook
Comments from Drew Jacob’s Facebook

This could mean a new normal for all concert experiences. No more mosh pits, or being stuck super tight in a small crowd. Some say that this is great because concerts can get quite close and personal, but others think that this is what makes the concert so enjoyable.

Helen Page, group brand and marketing director at Virgin Money, said: "We are delighted to play a part in bringing back live music events as we start to emerge from lockdown,"

(Source: PA Media news agency).

She mentioned that, "This feels like a unique opportunity to celebrate music and all the wonderful emotions that come with experiencing it live alongside other music fans.”

Many are excited to get concerts up and running again. Here are some big concerts that were cancelled this year due to the coronavirus:

  • Justin Bieber rescheduled his world tour on July 22, 2020. Previously, on April 1, Justin Bieber pulled all 2020 dates for the Changes Tour, set to kick off May 14, 2020.

  • The North American leg of Harry Styles’s Love on Tour was rescheduled to summer 2021 on June 10. The European and U.K. legs of the tour, set to begin in April, were postponed to 2021.

  • Luke Combs rescheduled his 2020 tour dates until 2021 on July 23, 2020.

  • The Weeknd rescheduled his After Hours Tour for summer and fall 2021, rather than 2020.

  • Bob Dylan canceled his U.S. summer tour in the interest of public safety on May 13.

  • BTS officially suspended their entire world tour on April 28.


How do you feel about the guidelines set in place? Will it be just as enjoyable when you see your favorite artist(s) live?


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