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The science behind healing Crystals

They're more than just pretty rocks and the science behind them is pretty amazing. Holding crystals and placing them on your body is thought to physically, spiritually and emotionally promote healing. Of course one will question if the "beliefs” behind this are true. Crystals positively interact with your body's energy field, which is also known as `chakras`. It is said to improve creativity and even stress levels. Holding a crystal obviously isn't the same as taking medication, but from research behind all this it could have an effect on those who believe. Here's a few interesting crystals that can improve your mood, stress, etc.

Rose Quartz Crystal

Rose Quartz are said to attract and inspire love in all forms. Mainly promoting self love. Let's be real, when we're stressed we seem to forget about caring for ourselves. Keeping this crystal next to our bed or anywhere around us can act as a powerful reminder to take a little bit of me time - even if it's just 5 minutes spent alone not glued to a phone screen.


Moonstones stimulates the mind, breaks negativity, promotes emotional support and is said to soothe anxiety. Also helps calm stress, avoiding overreaction. On top of that, it brings hope, and even enhances feminine energies. It is a stone of calm and relief from emotional stress.

Amethyst Crystal

The Amethyst Crystal is believed to help purify the mind and reduce stress and anxiety as well. This stone is often used to mediate. It is said that the amethyst stone benefits serenity, reduces headaches as well as promotes hormone balance. The spiritual meaning behind it is for protection and purification. It acts as a barrier against low energies and unhealthy environments.

Opal Gemstone

An Opal gemstone is known to be helpful for creativity. Also believed to increase wealth, encouraging in self worth and balances yin/yang energies. The opal crystal is a calming stone that gives mental clarity. Researchers have carried out a few studies on crystals. The scientific evidence suggests that crystals don't have any mystic powers, but belief can certainly be a powerful thing.


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