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The Wonders at the Botanical Gardens

As summer nears an end, it seems as if everyone is trying to find some last minute fun activities to do. A common thought I hear all the time is “There’s nothing to do in Georgia.” If you want to embrace the summer’s heat and enjoy the sunny skies, the Atlanta Botanical Gardens should be on your summer activities list.

Happening right now until October 27th, the Botanical Gardens is holding an Alice In Wonderland exhibit. As a person who grew up watching Disney movies; I had to pay a visit.

To say that the gardens were huge would be an understatement. The amount of times I got lost was one way too many. The gardens seemed to be a popular destination since many families and children seemed to be having a great time. Luckily, I was able to enjoy this experience with my boyfriend, who has a better sense of direction than I do.

My initial search was to find the white rabbit. I was not expecting what I found. I would say that the 27-foot tall white rabbit floating in the Mad Hatter’s umbrella was the most impressive thing I saw. The little details that were put into it , such as the eyes and ears were amazing. Being as I am only about 5ft tall, these structure truly seemed HUGE to me.

Right across from this immense rabbit is the Red Queen’s Army. This seemed to be everyone’s favorite place to pose in front of. Each one of the Red Queen’s soldiers seemed be about 8ft tall. Very intimidating.

On the brochure that they give you once you walk in is a picture of the grinning cheshire cat. Looks can be deceiving. Although the cat not as big as I imagined, it was very impressive along with the rest of the park. The grinning cat seems to be hovering over a sleeping Alice.

The Alice In Wonderland exhibit only holds 3 major pieces, but there is still so much to see at the gardens. Amongst several of larger than life structures, the most iconic one is the Earth Goddess. If you have seen the movie Moana, it definitely gave me Te Fiti vibes. This 25 ft structure overlooks a man made stream. It truly feels magical.

The current wonders of the Alice In Wonderland exhibit will stand until October 27th. If you are not a person who likes standing in the heat all day, starting November 16th; the Holiday Lights will begin. All the eye catching wonders will be lit up with various lights. It will all be around the holidays, so it will definitely be an incredible view.

The Atlanta Botanical Gardens was a great stop to enjoy during the summer. Capturing all the amazing flowers, vegetation, and structures was an experience worth taking. Instead of thinking that there is nothing to do in Georgia, go ahead and enjoy the wonders at the Botanical Gardens.


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