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5 Tips for Online Art Students

School has started and it’s probably not the way you thought it would go as a freshman. So here are some tips for being an online art student:

#1. Try to wake up 20 minutes before class

Use that time to hype yourself up to boost your confidence in the class. Play some music or sketch before class to ease your mind. Don’t use this time to do that last-minute homework because your mind will be racing (so try to do your homework on time).

#2. Always keep in contact with your professor

Since you are an online student, you don’t have that much time on zoom to really ask the questions you want to ask in private. So always take the time to talk to your professors (especially studio professors) at least once a week about how you are doing in the classes and if there’s room for improvement.

#3. To buy expensive supplies for school, amazon is your best friend

Buying supplies shouldn’t be stressful for you even with online classes. Try to have a conversation with your professor if there are any cheaper substitutes for you.

With textbooks, try to download a PDF document. It’s cheaper and easier to use, especially for MacBooks users (you can search keywords in your textbooks if they are downloaded to your books application).

#4. Have an interesting background to boost both you and your classmates' morals

Have fun with your background! Do a different poster every day or use the background feature on zoom to disguise the mess behind you.

#5. Try your hardest to say at least one thing your class

As art students, a lot of us are very introverted, so at least try to say something in your classes—even though you’re living your best life with being alone doing your work.


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