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Top 5 Beauty Gurus to Follow

The beauty industry is rapidly growing overtime; there's more trends and techniques to keep up with in the makeup world. It's exciting! Throughout the years, I've followed some beauty gurus on social media and learned so much through them. Not only did I learn about makeup but I learned about DIY'S, beauty hacks and skincare. Not to mention there are some really talented makeup artists that turn makeup into art and their faces/bodies into canvases. Personally that's my favorite part about this industry, you can express yourself through art in different ways. Here are some of my favorite beauty gurus that I follow and love.

Dain Yoon


Dain Yoon literally turns herself into a blank canvas when she's creating a look, I love going to her page when I want some inspo or when I just want to look through some cool pieces she creates. I definitely recommend checking out her page, even if you're not into makeup.

Nyane Lebojoa


Nyane Lebajoa, always comes through with some of the best hairstyles on her feed. She can honestly rock any of these looks, I like visiting this page for hair inspiration. She also owns her own hair line, so you can shop her hair.

Huda Beauty


Huda Beauty has always been my go-to beauty guru whenever I want to learn more about DIY'S. She has so much knowledge about the chemistry of makeup and knows about the ingredients that can actually benefit you. When she recommends a product/brand I've realized that she's brutally honest about it and when I try it out I tend to get good results. She cares about her followers and it shows.

Christine Montoya


Christine has been a good friend of mine for a very long timenow , and I always go to her when my skin is not the best it can be. She recommends me skincare products that works for my skin type and she teaches me tips and tricks on how to keep up with my skin. I suggest to check out her beauty page if you want to learn more about facials, laser treatments and the pro/cons about these new advanced technologies that are now getting bigger in the cosmetic industry.

Olga Dann


This beauty guru has a variety of Inspo's to offer in her page, she creates some dramatic looks. Also some soft glams, her makeup always comes out looking amazing. This photo can show you if you don't believe me.


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