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Top 5 best eyeshadow palettes

I usually like to have a variety of eyeshadow color. I like vibrant colorful colors to natural light/dark colors. It's always better to have to choose form a variety then to just stick to one color theme, throughout the years I've came across amazing eyeshadow palettes and I've also stumbled across not so amazing eyeshadow palettes, down below I will be listing some of my 5 favorite palettes form different brands.

This image is a makeup look I created using only the "Take me back the Brazil" palette, Yes even the contour and shoulders and neck were used with the colors that this palette provided. The reason why I'm obsessed with this product is because of the fact that it gives you a variety of colors to play with from blue to violets and pink shades to yellow shades. I recommend this product to anyone out there on the hunt for a wide range of colors in a palette. This retails for only $20! That's a great price for what it has to offer.

This eyeshadow palette is PERFECT for that peachy pink look. I created this look using Huda's palette. The colors have great pigmentation and blend easily. It not only has pinks and peach colors but it comes with two glitter pigments and three neutral shades. This is currently my go-to palette.

If you're more on the neutral side and like soft colors like burnt orange, mauve and tan colors; This palette would be the right fit for you. It comes with a wide range of tans, grays and browns. I created this look on the left using only the Tarteist Pro palette, it comes in handy when I'm going for a settled down look but still want to have a hint of dramatic.

This palette has been raved so much about, it probably doesn't even need to be mentioned, but it's still one of my best palettes in my makeup kit! There was a time when I would neglect my other palettes and just use this one. This was my safe palette, my top favorite shades in this palette are Realgar, burnt orange and Raw Sienna. This palette would be perfect to be your go-to.

ABH Modern Renaissance

Jaclyn Hill is one of my favorite beauty gurus. When I heard she was collaborating with Morphe and coming out with an eyeshadow palette, I knew I had to get my hands on this palette. She did not disappoint, there's so many amazing colors on this palette to choose from it was tough for me to decide what look I wanted to create first. I used this palette along with my BH cosmetic "take me back to Brazil" to create the look on the left.


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