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Top 5 best places to visit in NYC

Exploring the city can be very overwhelming, especially if this is your first time being in New York City. I've lived in New York for a couple of years now and I still remember how lost I felt exploring by myself. Over time I've learned how to guide through the city and I've discovered some cool places that are a must on your trip to New York City. There's a lot that the big apple has to offer to tourists. Here are my top 5 favorite places to come across to while walking around the city.

Times Square

Times Square definitely has to be on your bucket list of places to go to, the best times to be in Times Square is from 5pm-10pm this is when all the talented entertainers are putting on a show for the people. From hip-hop dancers to a the naked cowboy playing his guitar, and yes you will be seeing a whole lot of chaos happening here, but that's the whole part of the New York City experience.

Empire State Building

If you're looking to get an iconic view of the city itself, the Empire State building is the place to go. This is the world's most famous office building, you get views from different angels and it's completely breathtaking.

Battery Park

Battery Park has such a beautiful scenery. You can sit and have a picnic with a view of the ocean all while witnessing the Statue of Liberty standing just a couple of miles away from you. You can walk around and see musicians playing instruments or pass by an artist's painting a portrait of someone.

5th Avenue

If you're looking to go on a big shopping spree while in NYC I suggest going to 5th Ave, this is where all the high end stores are. Shopping in New York can be a bit pricey but even if you're just looking around, inside these stores are some amazing sceneries.

Dallas BBQ

Dallas BBQ is always my go-to when going to the city, this restaurant gives you a nice view of the city. Not to mention the portion of the food is HUGE. It's definitely worth the money, from wings to chicken and waffles. You'll be leaving full and with left overs to take home.


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