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Upcoming Fall Trends (Interview with Trinity Styles)

Put away your shorty shorts and tank tops everyone, it’s time for fall clothing. Do you know what to wear for this upcoming season? Have no fear if you don’t, Sharron May of Trinity Styles does, and she is here to help!

You’re probably wondering what is Trinity Styles? It is a fashion consultant company with a mission to empower people through fashion. She provides three services: closet organization, personal shopping, and styling.

Now that seasons are changing what are your favorite things to wear during the transition into fall?

One of [my] favorite things I just recently talked about was a blazer because in the morning time and in the evening time it is cooler. Blazers are a great piece that you can just easily throw on and then throughout the day, if you want to take it off, it’s a piece that can easily be added to your look.

For the people that are just getting into fashion, what are the basic things one should have in their closet for fall?

Basic items that anyone, no matter who you are, should have in [their] closet are a good pair of jeans, a white button-down shirt, a blazer—a blazer is the key staple piece to so many seasons—, a black pair of loafers—that can easily go with anything—, a dress—it can transition over to a dressier look to a casual look—, a simple black dress, [and a] trench coat. Those are easy pieces that can transition into any season.

Do you think minimalistic and monochrome trends are going to survive this fall?

Yes! Minimalistic—because of the tones—usually minimal looks have neutral tones, [are] very hot this season. [Monochrome will as well], but I see a lot of bright colors—emerald greens, blues for this fall.

What past fall trends do you hope will come back?

I do see leather—which is a good material to have—because sometimes you can’t wear it when it’s cold, cold, but that in-between fall and winter leather is [a good fabric to wear]. And capes! Capes are always a good piece when you don’t want to wear a coat, a cape is always a good piece to wear.

When thrifting for fall clothes during the pandemic, what pointers can you give?

#1. Sanitize clothing

#2. Have patience with finding things, since thrift stores are not as plentiful as they are before

#3. Be consistent—go once a week—eventually, you will find what you are looking for


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